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When you enter the gangway, you might be walking in the same footsteps of formaer movie stars, politicians and royals. Mälardrottningens eventful history begins in 1924. The ship was built for Mr C.K.G Billings from New York. Back then she was called "Vanadis" and was Mr C.K.G Billings yacht number 2 and at that time the world's largerst diesel driven yacht.

The ship was later on bought by the Woolworth-millionaire Frank W.Hutton. Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth heiress received it as a gift from her father on her 18th birthday. Barbara lived an extravagant life among princes and movie stars and during the 40's she was married to Cary Grant. She sold it later to the Royal British Navy for one pound sterling.
During the Second World War the ship was anchored very shortly in Panama and later on moved to Norway where the ship was used as a training ship. During the fifties she was used as a passangership between Stockholm and Åbo in Finland.
Since 1982, Mälardrottningen has been at her current location and only leaves the dock, form maintenance every three years.
From the restaurant you have a beautiful view and will see Riddarfjärden, Town Hall where the Nobel Prize dinner is hold annualy, Norr Mälarstrand, the sothern part of Stockholm and the lake Mälarens beautiful inlet to Stockholm..