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The yacht is a beautiful hotel, located in central Stockholm.

When you enter the gangway, you might be walking on the same footsteps of a former movie star, politician and royalty. Mälardrottning Hotel`s event full history begins in 1924. The ship was built for Mr C.K.G Billings, a millionaire from New York. Back then she was called "Vanadis" and was Mr. C.K.G Billings yacht number 2 and at that time the largest diesel driven yacht. Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth heiress received it as a gift from her father on her 18th birthday. She gave it away to the Royal English Navy. During the second world war the ship was anchored very shortly in Panama and later on moved to Norway where the ship was used as a training ship. In 1980 a reconstruction of the ship started and by the time of completion in September 1982 Mälardrottningen was anchored by Riddarfjärden in Gamla Stan,"Old Town", where she is today.